Cooking Suggestions

As a quick and easy delicacy at mealtime, cocktails or anytime you wish, the authentic taste of the Orient, we recommend cooking the following ways:

  1. Best result is flame grilled over medium fire.
  2. BBQ hot-plate also produces wonderful and tasty cooked satay.
  3. For small quantity, a flat frying pan over the kitchen stove is another good, quick and easy option.
  4. Contact grills, such as a sandwich press, will also cook you nice satay. This method may require a couple more minutes of cooking time than usual.
  5. The oven grill too can be used, but you need to cover the exposed part of the bamboo skewers with aluminum foil to prevent the sticks from being burnt. Unfold and turn the sticks over midway through cooking. Set oven to 190 degrees.

For all the above methods, it is recommended that you spray or brush the satay with a little cooking oil as you cook.

Chicken satay: 2.5 minutes each side over med to high heat.
Beef satay: 1.5 to 2 minutes each side over med to high heat.

WeeZee Angel Wings
Roast in oven at 190 degrees for about 35 to 40 minutes. Turn wings over mid way through cooking. Webber oven or turbo broiler also roast you tasty wings.

WeeZee stir-fry
Add vegetables of your choice. If WeeZee yummy peanut sauce is available add 2-3 tablespoonful to the stir fry just before serving. Time needed to cook chicken is about 4-5 minutes, while 2-3 minutes is all you need for the beef stir-fry.

Enjoy The Satay Experience.