The Satay Experience  

What is Satay?

Satay is sliced meat marinated for many hours with special spices until tender. It is skewered onto a bamboo stick and traditionally cooked over a charcoal fire until golden brown.

Pronounced in the Hokkien dialect “SAR-TAY”, the Chinese word means “three pieces” (of meat). Its origins appear as fascinating as its taste, varying from the belief it may have been from Yunnan in Southern China to Malaysia via Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Others say it came from the island of Java in Indonesia, where it was adapted from the Arabic kebab introduced by Muslim traders. Now an authentic satay is here in Australia for all to enjoy.

We make an authentic traditional satay that goes back over 40 years through our family in Singapore and Malaysia. Our satay is produced from the very finest quality spices that are sourced and ground in Asia and using the best quality Australian meats.